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We're preparing a number of environmental improvements to our Bargeddie recycling hub, a facility that is contributing to Scotland’s ambition to deliver a zero waste, circular economy.

The history of the site has been one of investment. An £11 million clean Materials Recycling Facility (cMRF) opened in 2009 and the next step for the site will see the development of a state of the art, £25 million, fully enclosed residual Materials Recycling Facility (rMRF). This will collate, mechanically treat and store waste for onward thermal treatment at Viridor’s Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) which is currently under construction near Dunbar in East Lothian.

With planning permission for this development approved by North Lanarkshire Council in 2015, Viridor has been working with partners on final design refinements. In the process, we’ve listened to the local community through the Bargeddie Community Liaison Group and we are now preparing to make a number environmental improvements to the existing site infrastructure.

Working with the Bargeddie Community Liaison Group, we’re bringing forward proposals for final design refinements, environmental enhancements to the existing site and plans for an integrated office and visitor hub for local schools.

What is changing?


New residual Materials Recycling Facility (rMRF)

• Incorporate design improvements including revised building dimensions and bunding to improve environmental amenity.

• Allow for easier entry and exit to the site and reduce traffic congestion.

• Add additional environmental control measures when compared to the original consented facility.

Existing clean Materials Recycling Facility (cMRF)

• Reconfiguration of the internal and external layout of the facility.

• Installation of fast shutting roller doors to improve environmental amenity.

• Re-configuration and enhancement of the existing landscaping bund.

Office and visitor hub

A two-storey integrated office and visitor hub for local schools will be built. This will provide for the welfare of staff on site as well as act as provide a space for visitors to learn about the site and Scotland’s wider waste management and recycling priorities.

Transport depot relocation

In addition to the MRFs, the Bargeddie site also currently functions as a transport depot for a fleet of 38 waste management vehicles. The proposals outlined above will necessitate the relocation of this fleet. This necessary relocation will mean a resultant decrease in traffic congestion around the site, particularly in the busy morning and evening periods.

For more information, please contact Viridor Community Relations on 0141 301 1212




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