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Recycling and waste technologies are continuously advancing. We are researching, developing and implementing the latest technologies in recycling and waste management and we continue to invest in state-of-the-art facilities that are transforming how people view waste and how it is treated.

We are ‘technology neutral’. That means that we are committed to reviewing and evaluating a wide range of established and emerging technologies to identify and select the ones which deliver the best solution for any particular market demands.

We work closely with local authorities, accredited industry bodies and other organisations to make sure that the facilities we invest in are right for the future of the company, our customers and the communities in which they will operate.

A key aspect of our evaluation is that any technology delivers robust and cost-effective solutions that have been proven in reality. This is particularly important for local authorities to ensure value for money and for ourselves as we wish to maintain our track record of delivering high quality, effective solutions in a timely manner.

Anaerobic digestion, In Vessel Composting, Mechanical Biological Treatment, Energy Recovery and the many recycling facilities that we operate are all examples of the essential recycling and recovery infrastructure that we have invested in over the last decade. Even more recently we have developed solar and energy storage projects which seek to make the most of the infrastructure that we already have in place. 

We will continue to monitor and evaluate emerging technologies to determine their suitability and to ensure that we deliver the best tailor-made solutions for our customers time and time again.


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