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Funding opportunities

We are keen to support the activities of local community associations and projects. The Viridor in Peterborough Fund can provide financial support to community initiatives that operate in the Peterborough administrative area. The Peterborough Energy Recovery Facility opened in 2016 and transforms 85,000 tonnes on non-recyclable waste from Peterborough and the surrounding area into enough renewable energy for around 16,000 homes (or 15% of Peterborough). 

The Fund comprises an annual contribution of £20,000 made by Viridor and will be ‘topped-up’ with one pound for every tonne of waste brought to the ERF from local businesses for the next 30 years of the partnership. Any community led organisation in the Peterborough administrative area will be eligible to apply for funding and there is an easy-to-use application guide online. Funding of projects is awarded on a set of criteria based around sustainability, local need, community involvement, value for money and education (for more information, please see the funding criteria document below.

The Viridor in Peterborough Funding Panel meets quarterly to review eligible applications to the fund and make the final decision on how monies from the fund are to be distributed. The day to day administration of the Community Fund is handled by Viridor. Download the Application form

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