When Viridor became a standalone company in 2020, we needed a purpose that would encompass what we were driving to achieve. That purpose, building a world where nothing goes to waste, grew directly out of our ESG journey. Every business in the waste sector, exists primarily because of environmental and health concerns  - ensuring that waste is taken away and however treated, managed responsibly.

Our roadmap to a world where nothing goes to waste

Our ESG House


Our ESG House

Our ESG strategy knits together key activities into one cohesive whole. We describe it as building a house.

We have determined where we will focus based on the serving our five key groups. Our people, who work with us and make everything happen; our communities, where we operate and live; our customers, who supply and buy our inputs and outputs; our investors, who enable us to grow and develop; and policy makers, who through legislation and regulation, are the architects of this sector.

Our ESG assessment has enabled us to determine where the material risks and opportunities are, and what actions we need to take to make a difference in society and continue to build a sector-leading business.



Design principles


Design principles

Before every house is designed and foundations are dug, a set of principles to determine the approach to the house is needed.

Our corporate values – We believe in each other, We lead with ambition, We rise to the challenge, and We look after tomorrow - are our design principles.

If the house is what we are building, the values are how we go about it.

Firm foundations


Firm foundations

Our foundation, the underpinning of our ESG house, is our people and communities.

Our goal is to be the sector leader in safety by 2025 and to be a 'Great place to work' by 2024. Keeping everyone safe through our HomeSafe Programme and enabling our people to be the best they can be though our talent strategy.

By engaging our communities, building a world where nothing goes to waste can reach beyond our sites – through our education centres and team of social value officers we can educate, employ and engage our communities to be part of positive change. We target to double our community outreach within a year.


Solid walls


Solid walls

On these strong foundations the walls of our strategic environmental commitments, for net zero carbon operations by 2040 and to drive the circular economy across all four major plastics by 2025 are built.

These commitments will deliver for all our key stakeholders and wider society and help us lead the transformation of the waste sector at a time of unprecedented environmental concerns.

Topping out


Topping out

Bringing this all together into a united whole is the roof of our vision and purpose. Our vision setting out our drive to innovate to grow and deliver net zero and our purpose setting our trajectory.

From the design principles of our values to the drive of our vision and destination of our purpose, this strategy is the basis of how we will transform our business.

Our roadmap to a world where nothing goes to waste.



Viridor 's ESG Strategy

Taking on these challenges requires a vision matched with action to deliver. That action is bigger than any one organisation. We are committed to delivering our ESG strategy for us and the benefit of our key stakeholders, but we also need to forge deeper partnerships. Working across our stakeholders to drive lasting change.

This ESG strategy is not an end result, it is the first brick in that foundation so that we, together with you, can realise that purpose of building a world where nothing goes to waste.

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