Viridor launches 100 day HomeSafe refresh campaign

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The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, contractors and visitors is our priority. 

That's why we’re refreshing and evolving our HomeSafe health, safety & wellbeing programme to reflect our transformed business purpose, to ensure HomeSafe continues to drive further SHEQS performance improvement, and to simply ensure everyone gets home safe and well at the end of every day.

HomeSafe is about taking people on a journey of discovery. We want people to see risks, opportunities to improve and take the right action so that we all go HomeSafe, Every one, Every day. It works by influencing the mindset and looking at the levers on the brain that make us react the way we do such as, the leadership shadow, personal values, environment and knowledge/ know how.

With people being the very foundation of our ESG strategy, we’re seeking to further enable, empower and engage our people through our 100 day campaign launching HomeSafe 2.0.



Over the next 100 days, a series of interactive townhalls and webinars will involve;

The Step Up Campaign (commenced on the 13th February) refocusing everyone on being a HomeSafe Leader and role modelling our Core Expectations. 

The Look Out campaign (will commence on Monday 27th March), this will focus on the common causes of harm within our business and introduces our NEW HomeSafe Essentials. 

The Talk More campaign (will commence on Monday 8th May), this will focus on how we can all participate, celebrate and intervene to protect the team. 

We're excited to share our refreshed strategy which sets out the steps we’ll take to deliver the next part of our cultural journey.

Our ambition, which we set out in our sector leading ESG strategy is to become the benchmark for SHEQS within our sector by 2025.

Health and safety is an integral part of the foundations of Viridor's ESG strategy, if we are to build a world where nothing goes to waste, we need to create and maintain an environment where our people are safe, well and grow.

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