Our Management Team

Our Management Team

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Managing Director

Phillip Piddington

Phillip Piddington was appointed Managing Director of Viridor in September 2016. He first joined the company as Chief Operating Officer of the newly established...

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HR and Regulatory Director

Simon Catford

Simon was appointed to the Viridor Board as HR and Regulatory Director (previously Corporate Responsibility and Regulatory Director) in...

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Capital Projects and Engineering Director

Alan Cumming

Alan was appointed to the Viridor Board in February 2013 to spearhead the delivery of Viridor’s significant investment programme, and...

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Commercial Director

Paul Ringham

Paul joined the Viridor Board in 2014 and is responsible for business development; contract and customer management; major...

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Director of Sales

Tracy Burtwell

Tracy joined Viridor in January 2015 and sits on the Executive Management Team. She is responsible for...

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Director of Communications and External Affairs

Dan Cooke

Dan is Viridor's Director of Communications and External Affairs. He joined Viridor in 1999. Prior to joining Viridor, Dan worked...

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Managing Director - Viridor Resource Management

Herman van der Meij

Herman van der Meij is Managing Director of Viridor Resource Management, Viridor's trading arm. More info to...

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