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Watch our video from our Newhouse glass recycling centre in Scotland – one of Europe’s most advanced facilities

There is already a strong culture of glass recycling in the UK and the opportunities for creating new recycled glass products are growing.

Lots of companies recycle glass, but we make the collection and processing of it much more efficient.

We also have depots and treatment facilities throughout the UK, so glass can be collected, transported and treated with the minimum environmental impact.

Giving new life to your empty whisky bottles

Our advanced glass recycling facilities in Sheffield and Scotland deliver cutting-edge glass sorting technology and ensure that more than 99% of incoming material is recycled. They accept all types and variations of coloured glass and process them into high quality raw materials for the glass container and fibreglass markets.

In addition, the processing recovers metals for recycling and can produce a glass aggregate by-product that is utilised within the construction industry.

Our facilities have the capacity to treat up to 100,000 tonnes of glass a year delivered from domestic and business collections and MRFs throughout the UK.

Each site operates under the highest quality, environmental, energy efficiency, and health and safety standards – certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 respectively.

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