As a result of significantly reduced inputs into Parkwood landfill site, we will be applying to change the restoration contours to suit the revised forecast waste input volumes. This will include reducing the final waste profile of the western side of the site (facing Hillsborough FC) and the restoration of Area D (nearest to Standish Bank) to a lower level. 

The planning application will have no impact on the length of time that the site will be operational. We will still be working towards closing the site in 2018 with the site being restored by 2020.

We are consulting with the local community and the planning department of Sheffield City Council to vary the planning conditions by submitting a section 73 application to vary condition 4 and 17 of the current planning approval.

As part of the planning application, we will ensure that the restoration of Parkwood Landfill will provide an amenity that will be an asset to the local community, fitting in with the city-wide Parkwood Springs Development, and to the wider environment in the long term.

The proposed restoration scheme builds upon the diverse existing landscapes of the site and surroundings which include areas of woodland, heath, neutral and acid grasslands and features of geological interest. New areas of planting and seeding will establish woodland/scrub and wildflower grassland together with seasonal wetlands, whilst retained woodland and heathland will be managed as prominent and attractive natural features within the local landscape. By favouring native species they will form a robust mosaic of habitats of a diverse structure which will promote biodiversity.  In addition, the existing cliff will be retained as a feature of geological interest to the south east of the site.

In accordance with the phased access timetable, the site will eventually become a valuable resource for informal public access within the wider Parkwood Springs area by linking it to existing public footpaths and rights of way in the Upper Don Valley corridor and surrounding area.

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Finding Parkwood


Parkwood Landfill is located near to Sheffield city centre. Surrounding areas include Shirecliffe, Crabtree and Neepsend. The site postcode is S3 8AG.

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